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"Before coming to Making Mama I felt alone, but it allowed me to see that I wasn't alone and that there are people with the same mindset, that my thoughts were ok, and that I am a good mum for my daughter.

Making Mama, the topics, the experiences, the company, the support, just made me realise that yes, I am not perfect and maybe I will have the feeling of guilt or never being enough every now and then but I won't let that to rule me.

The way we want to raise our baby (co-sleeping, breastfeeding to sleep, not letting her cry as control crying etc) was okay.... I learned that I have to stand up for what I want for her and not allow others to make me feel like I wasn't doing it right."

~ Mariana

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"Making Mama Village groups were far more what I expected. In a very short time Karen managed to make us all feel very comfortable and bonding with each other. Topics of birth stories, post natal struggles - physical and mental, challenges of motherhood and tips to overcome them resonated with me the most. 

I believe I found a warm group of women to turn to in time of need. Mostly Karen herself. Karen leads the conversation in a smooth and super encouraging way, everyone has time to raise concerns, ask questions or share an opinion or a story. All of that brings almost therapy results (in a very good way) as it is just naturally by talking and sharing. 

I highly recommend the mothers groups to any mum. New or experienced with known problems or issues or not. I went without any particular problem to solve and left with more knowledge, explanations backed up by research and more more understanding for myself. Thank you Making Mama Village."

~ Ivana

"Making Mama is such a treasure chest for new mums - the mothers group I attended started when my son was just five weeks old. What a relief and a blessing to have a safe space in which to share the delights and the challenges of motherhood - the experience of meeting other mums and talking through things like breastfeeding and sleep challenges is such a fundamental need of navigating motherhood.

Making Mama should be mandatory “me time” for all mummas - and the coffee and cake catchups after the workshop are always a bonus too.

I highly recommend the mothers groups to any mum out there who wants to feel less alone, to share their birth story, to support other women and to be supported in return - Thank you Karen for creating such a beautiful space where mums can blossom."

~ Nyree

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"I attended the mothers group, and found it useful even though I’m a second time mother. The topics resonated with feelings I had felt/am dealing with. Karen is very knowledgeable and holds space for your situation.

I was able to grow in this journey we call motherhood - without judgement, but with heaps of understanding and loving support! The fact that I can now add more mothers to my ‘village’ is definitely a plus."

~ Karen M

"I liked that the mothers group was evidenced based, non-judgmental and everyone was given the opportunity to talk."

"It's been good to get out and talk to other mums with babies of the same age group who have the same experiences, worries and concerns."

"I liked learning something new, not from mothers books, meeting other new mums and getting of the house!!"

Making Mama mothers group
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"Making Mama is a must for new mums, it’s the holistic support aimed at creating a tribe to support new mums mentally and through empowering them with resources and education to thrive.

Being a mum should not be navigated alone, create your support group by joining Making Mama in any way you can. You won’t regret it!"

~ Katie

"I've just finished the mothers group and loved it! Karen approached all topics with a gentle parenting approach and there was lots of research/evidence-based information to learn from.

Even as a second time mum, I got a lot out of the mothers group and loved that Karen was not only very knowledgeable and experienced, but kind, a good listening ear and helpful!

I now also have a village of mums that I didn't have before and they are all so caring and easy to get along with. I recommend these mothers groups for any mum!"

~ Louise

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"Karen's past and current expertise in caring for babies and their mothers is exceptional. Karen is such a warm, caring person who puts her heart into helping others. She has experienced so much with her own children and is empathetic towards mums and their difficulties whether it be before bub's birth or after.

Karen will often drop everything to be there for a mum and her baby (she did the day I was discharged after having my daughter). She has a genuine desire to make a difference. Our community is so fortunate to have Karen running Making Mama!"

~ Janine