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Mama Village Mothers' Groups for 0-12 Month Old Babies

Are you looking for a mothers' group?

Mums constantly tell me that they feel lonely and isolated. Do you feel this way too?

My name is Karen O'Mara. I'm a mother of two, a qualified and experienced clinical social worker with more than 25 years working with families of babies and toddlers and young primary school aged children.

At the Mama Village you will receive support in a non-judgmental way, while learning to be a responsive and gentle parent through the evidenced based parenting information provided each week. I will guide you with attachment parenting information, while looking holistically at families, the struggles of motherhood, as well as the strengths you all possess as mothers.

My passion is supporting mums in their adjustment to motherhood to help reduce the rates of postnatal depression and anxiety. I also love helping mums build their village of support so they don’t have to do mothering alone.

Making Mama Babies

When you attend the Mama Village you will feel heard and supported, build lasting friendships and develop tools and strategies to assist you in becoming the best parent you can be.

What's involved?

There are four groups to choose from for babies aged 0-12 months. Please select the day and time period for your booking that suits you and your baby best.

Each session will include a parenting theme, as well as the opportunity for a social chat. Parenting themes will change each term.

90 minute group session including:

  • evidenced-based parenting themes
  • connection with other mums for ongoing support
  • babies in a similar age group
  • share similar experiences with other mums
  • guest speakers on specialist topics
  • coffee/tea

Plus bonus private online support group for mums in the Mama Village to receive additional information and support each week!

Term 4 program: 11th October - 30th November 2021

Making Mama Having a baby in a global pandemic

Having a baby in a global pandemic

Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th October

Since the start of Covid19 mums having babies have encountered a very unique experience that hasn't been faced before in the history of human beings. Having a baby in a global pandemic comes with incredible loss, from a lack of face to face services, changes in medical care, an inability to have supports available during pregnancy and birth, and often, a huge lack of support and connection in the postpartum period. We will unpack the losses mothers experience in this session, and acknowledge the imaginings mums had of what they thought pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period would look like in normal times.

Making Mama: Self worth feeling like a failure

How to know if you have postnatal depression or anxiety

Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th October

It's really common for mothers to experience changes in her mood during pregnancy or after having a baby. Sometimes it's really hard to understand whether what you are experiencing is normal, or whether you might need extra support. In this session we look at how to tell the difference between baby blues, normal adjustment to motherhood, perinatal depression, anxiety and rage, which all effects so many mums. Learn some definitions and useful tools to get through those dark days while parenting your baby.

Making Mama: Accepting your body post baby

Accepting your body post baby

Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th October

It's really common for mums to feel dissatisfied with their bodies after having a baby. For some of you, it could be your appearance - your body just didn't bounce back like you thought it might, and the societal pressures can seem huge and overwhelming, especially with the influence of social media and the 'yummy mummies'. For others, you might be unhappy with the way your body functions - you might have long term problems from the pregnancy or birth, you might not be able to physically do the same things you used to. We will address all the changes our bodies go through and ways to get support you might need. 

Making Mama Baby led weaning

Baby led weaning

Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd November

Thinking of starting solids/family foods for your baby? We will discuss evidenced based practice around the age to start feeding solids, what to look for to know your baby is ready, the types of foods to introduce, and the difference between gagging and choking.

Mama Village Dealing with criticism and conflicting advice

Dealing with criticism and judgement

Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th November

Every mother faces this. It comes at us at all angles. It starts in pregnancy and continues into the hours after our baby is born. People from the same profession give us conflicting advice. Our family members, our friends, and even strangers can criticise our decisions, our parenting, and give us unwanted advice. How do you manage? What happens if it just doesn’t stop? Come and pick up some tips to save your sanity!

Making Mama: When it's time to start child care

When it's time to start child care

Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th November

Most mums returning to work often look to child care centres when there is a lack of family to help care for your baby. This can bring up a lot of emotions for mums when you are not yet ready to leave your baby to be cared for by others, the fact that the carers are strangers, your worries that your baby won't be cared for in the same loving way as you, concerns that your baby will be upset when you leave him or her and what this means for your baby's emotional health if it continues longer term. In this session we will unpack all the worries that mums have when it's time to consider starting child care.

Mama Village threes a crowd

Changing relationships

Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd November

Has your relationship with your partner changed since you had a baby? Most mums find that it changes significantly, especially in the beginning. Romance disappears, emotional connection weakens, arguments often become the norm. Join us to take a look at what is normal for most relationships after baby, and how to bring some closeness back between you and your partner.

Making Mama: There's not enough time in the day

There's not enough time in the day

Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th November

How many times have you heard a mother being asked at the end of a long hard day with her baby, "what did you do all day?" Mothering a baby can be an all consuming job and it can often feel like there's not enough time in the day to get everything done. Many mums struggle with feeling you can't achieve much other than baby cares such as feeding, changing nappies and getting babies to sleep. So when do you do everything else? We will chat about the challenges, as well as share ideas on how to get through those tough days. 


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How to Join the Mama Village

The mothers groups fill quickly, so if you would like to secure your spot, please make your booking for the whole term if the term has not yet started.

If the term has started, you are still able to join at any time if there is enough space in the group by completing the request to join form.

You will be contacted within the next business day to arrange part payment of the full investment fees.

Your investment

Term 4, 2021 bookings

When you attend the mothers groups you will leave feeling less alone and isolated in your mothering, you will have evidenced based parenting information, tools and strategies to assist you in becoming the best parent you can be, your child will feel connected to you and you will be supported and nurtured by a qualified and experienced health professional who has worked with families for more than 25 years.

In addition, you are welcome to join a private online support group for mothers from the Mama Village where additional parenting information and support will be available each week, as well as the opportunity for you to continue building your connections with other mums.

For all of this, your investment is $200 for the Term 4 Mama Village mothers' group (which is only $25 per week).

Payment is to be made upfront for the 8 week term (or part thereof if you are joining partway through the term). Payment plan options are available if needed - enquire here.

Committing to something you are not 100% sure about can feel scary in terms of your time and finances. It's important that the Mama Village is the right fit for you. When you attend the Mama Village, you have 3 days to request a refund of the remainder of the term if you feel the group isn't right for you.

Where are the Mama Village mothers' groups held?

The Mama Village mothers' groups are held at the Coorparoo School of Arts and RSL Memorial Hall at 208-210 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo

Making Mama Coorparoo hall
Making Mama venue: Coorparoo hall