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Parenting Styles

This was a big topic in the Mama Village mothers groups when we explored four typical styles of parenting, and reflected on which style our parents used. We know from the research that intergenerational parenting plays a huge part in HOW we parent our own children. You would have most likely heard the saying “you…

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Postnatal depression, anxiety and rage

Postnatal depression and anxiety can be diagnosed up until your baby turns 12 months of age, so it’s important to be aware of the symptoms in case you develop it later (or even to be helpful to another mum who might be experiencing some of these symptoms). The organisation PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) tells us…

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Preparing for baby and forming your village of support

Two big things are happening for mums that make being a new mum just plain hard.  Services provided to mothers during pregnancy are often all focused on the pregnancy and the birth. Fair enough. Both are absolutely important. But what about when baby comes home? What about the birth debriefing that most mums don’t get?…

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7 Tips to Surviving Shopping with Babies and Toddlers

Shopping with toddlers

Shopping with young children is exhausting and can often end in tears for everyone We all know the story. You went out to the local shopping centre to get a few jobs done. You had a list of 10 items and only three got ticked off. The baby cried because she was tired and couldn’t…

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